Fibre Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is Fibre?

Short answer, really, really fast ! Faster than any other type of internet out there, Fibre speeds vary on the type of service or package a client has paid for, Skyband has bespoke services for clients upon their request.

Are you replacing WiMAX with Fibre?

Yes, the aim is to replace most of the wireless services with fibre to give our clients faster, stable and a more reliable service.

How long will it take for my Skyband Fibre to be installed into my home, office/business?

Connection depends on where you are located and if your phase currently has Fibre being deployed. If you are in an active deployment phase it will take 2-3 weeks.

Why do some areas get Fibre before others?

Our Fibre is being deployed in distinct phases. Some areas are in active deployment phases whilst others are in planned deployment phases.

Why is the ATB being installed for free?

Skyband is running this promotion and wants its clients to migrate swiftly, hassle free, cost free and stress free from a wireless connection to a fiber connection.

What is the difference between Skyband and other ISPs?

The difference with Skyband and other ISP’s is that we go the extra mile for our customers. Our Slogan at Skyband is “Malawi’s leading internet service provider” and that is what we are always aiming for, in terms of our service delivery, customer support and your customer experience!

What is the difference between Fibre and Wireless/WiMAX?

Fibre is more reliable, stable and faster with less potential for interference compared to wireless..

WiMax Frequently Asked Questions

No WiFi connection at all?

Step 1 – Is the internet equipment turned on?

We need to be sure all the internet equipment is turned on, plug any loose cables back in.

Step 2 - Is the issue with one or all devices?

If one of your devices is suffering with no connection whilst the others are working fine, there could be a limitation with the device. Try rebooting it and connecting whilst you’re in the same room as your Router. Make sure the WiFi settings on your device is turned on and enabled. Can you see your Router’s network name on the device you’re trying to connect? If not, try rebooting your Router. You can see your network name on the bottom of your Router, unless you’ve changed it yourself.

Step 3 - Is your Router setup correctly?

Check all power leads and cables are tightly fastened. Keep your Router out in the open. Out of cabinets, next to the TV (not behind it), and away from monitors and fish tanks. These objects can block and slow down your WiFi signal.

Step 4 - Reboot your Router

Sometimes your Router might need a reboot. Turn it off, wait a few seconds, and then turn it back on. Once the lights on the Router have returned to normal after a few minutes, you’re ready to check your connection again.

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