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Capped Fibre Internet

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With Skyband Fibre you get more of the good stuff. At speeds of up to 20Mbps, it’s Malawi’s fastest Internet. No more buffering videos or slow download speeds. A new world of possibilities awaits.

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How much data
do I need?

Start with answering these three questions:
• What do you use the Internet for?
• How much data do you currently use each month?
• Do you plan on having a shared data plan?

Understanding these three questions can help determine which data plan is most cost efficient for you.

Nitecap is an add-on to the standard capped 5MB, 10MB or 20MB service.
The Nitecap service doubles the standard data plan, and can be used every day from 9pm – 5am.
Once your Nitecap service runs out, the data your standard plan will then be used.

Installation fees
Fibre installation   $150
ONT with WiFi      $100
Activation fee        $100
Total                    $350

Terms of use
• No suspension or pause of service is allowed.
• Rollover of standard data is limited to a maximum of two months
• Leftover Nitecap data is not rolled over to the next month.

Need WiFi coverage extended

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