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Hotspot Services Throughout The Country

With over 150 hotspots around Malawi, we’ve got you covered.

Connecting to the world couldn’t be easier, all of our Residential services can be used at any one of our 150 hotspots around Malawi, and we also have scratch cards on sale at every site.

Skyband Delivers Quality Connectivity At Affordable Rates.

150+ Locations

With over 150 hotspots around the country, you will never be far from simple, fast, affordable connectivity.

Easy to Access

Simply buy a scratch card at any one of our hotspots or use your existing Skyband service to login.

Super Fast

With unparalleled standards of service, you will be amazed at the quality of service from all of our hotspots.


Not only are we fast, but we are affordable as well. With prices per MB that rival international hotspots, you won’t be disappointed.

List of Hotspot Locations

Blantyre Hotspots:
Skyband Offices, Chileka International Airport, Blantyre Sports Club, Doogles Lodge, Protea Hotel Ryalls,  Megabite, Cafe Livingstone, Trade Fair Grounds, Comesa Hall, Bombay Palace Restaurant, Hotel Victoria, Annies Lodge, Mungo Lodge, Cedar Place, Chilembwe Lodge, Mt Soche Hotel, Malawi Sun Hotel, Jambo House, Kabula Lodge, Cafe Chez Maky, The Physiotherapy Clinic, KIPS, Crystal’s Florist, L’Hostaria, Pedro’s Lodge, Studios de France, La Caverna, Society of Malawi Historical Centre, Hisco House,Jungle Pepper Pizza, Mt Pleasant Inn, Open Arms, Villa 33, College Of Medicine Sports Complex, Leslie Lodge, Newlands Homes, Casa Mia, House Five,  Village Green, Atmosphere, Annies Lodge, Game Heaven, Crystal Florist, Fishermen’s Rest, Malawi Institute of Tourism, Perfect Nails, Monorchy Lodge, Gold Card Lodge, Palm Valley Lodge
Lilongwe Hotspots:
Skyband Offices, Sunbird Capital Hotel, Sunbird Lilongwe Hotel, Crossroads Hotel, Crossroads Food Court , Kiboko Town Hotel , Kambuku Lodge, Kamuzu International Airport , Lilongwe Golf Club, Bridgeview Hotel, Annie’s Lodge Area 10, Madidi Hotel, Cluny Lodge, Korea Garden Lodge, Kumbali Lodge, Mama Mia Restaurant, Steers, Pacific Hotel, Kumtsinje Lodge, The Sanctuary Lodge, Sol Farm, Children Of The Nation Lodge, World Camp, Blue Ginger, Surf n Turf, Cappuccinos, GAME Complex, Old Town Mall, Mabuya Camp , Forrester Inn, Chilambula Lodge, Pacific Parade, World Camp Lodge, Kuka Lodge, Njati Casino & Bar, Flavors Café, The Yuns Lodge, Tamarind Club, Dr Huber Complex, Lilongwe Technical College, Area 3 Lodge, Golden Peacock Lodge, Area 3 Lodge, Wamkulu Palace, Ufulu Garden Hotel, Hucess Lodge, Crown Hotel, Chisa Lodge, Mabuya Camp, Bridge View Hotel, Buchanans, Chisa Lodge, Lark Café, Ulendo Safaris
Cape Maclear Hotspots:
Danforth Yachting, Chembe Eagles Nest, Fat Monkeys, Kayak Africa, Gecko Lounge, Mufasa Backpackers, Cape Mac Lodge, Mgoza Lodge, Mlambe Camp, Tumbi View Lodge, Indaba Lodge, Norman Carr Cottage
Other Hotspots:
Ku Chawe Inn (Zomba), Matunkha Development Trust(Rumphi), Mikoma Beach Lodge(Karonga), Sunbird Mzuzu Hotel(Mzuzu), Grand Palace Hotel(Mzuzu), Mphatso Motel(Mzuzu), Ilala Crest Lodge(Mzuzu), Mphiri Lodge(Mzuzu), Lake View Ridge Resort(Mzuzu), Mimosa Court Hotel(Mzuzu), Kande Beach Lodge(Mzuzu), Sambani Lodge (Chintheche), Karonga Museum(Karonga), Livingstonia University(Livingstonia), Mzuzu Office Base(Mzuzu), Kande Horse Trails(Kande), Kachere Kastle(Nkhata bay), Chikho Hotel (Kasungu), Mzuzu Hotel, Livingstonia Hotel (Salima), Nkopola Lodge (Mangochi), Skyband Kentam Mall (Mzuzu), Mvuu Camp (Liwonde), Makakola Retreat (Mangochi), Ngom’s Lodge (Liwonde), Illala Crest Lodge (Mzuzu), Mulanje Mission Hospital, Mphatso Motel (Mzuzu), Mphiri Lodge (Mzuzu), Chikho Hotel (Kasungu)
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