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Social Wifi.

Provide free WiFi. Boost your business.

What is Social WiFi?
Skyband Social WiFi allows your customers to use free managed WiFi, provided by us, at your venue. In order to get online, your customers must sign-in via their chosen social network such as Facebook or Google. In doing so you’re able to capture details of your customers via social media and with their permission, they can help you promote your business to all their online friends by Liking or Sharing your social media streams.

Which social media channels does Skyband offer?

Customers can currently log on through Facebook Connect and Google.

Available Packages

$0 per month
    • $200 once-off OTB-DIY equipment.
    • Offer your customers
    • 50MB of data for free daily.
    • via the Facebook login on our Hotspot Login Landing Page with no monthly costs.

$80 per month free OTB
    • Equipment options.Offer your customers 100MB of data for free daily.
    • includes 10GB Night Rider account
    • UPGRADE FROM $50 /month for personalised branding


* Prices are exclusive of government 10% Excise Tax and 16.5% VAT
* Prices are true as at January 2017
* All prices are payable in Malawi Kwacha
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